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2016 – 2018 

I worked closely with the Search team at Pinterest, a key driver in discovering new content. While the Search team has always been an integral part of Pinterest, the Explore team was a new fully stacked partner team created to build and launch the Explore Tab.

Explore Tab

Originally the Search surface on Pinterest was just a text list of topics so we took the opportunity to instead showcase the different ways people can use Pinterest by presenting visual collections of curated content.

We partnered with brands and influencers but also experimented with algorithms to auto-generate collections. This was a huge cross functional effort across multiple teams within Pinterest that came together to launch the Explore tab. 

Press: Techcrunch


Explore launched globally but we took an extra step and curated localized content for United States, Japan, Germany, Brazil, France and U.K. Our rag-tag international curation teams did a great job researching and finding content from influencers in their specific region.

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We felt an editorial visual style would feel familiar and worked well with the content. We wanted the experience to feel like a Pinterest magazine... but tailored to you.

Another key focus in the early stages was to keep these collections as flexible as possible to accomodate different media types. Once we launched, Explore was also used as a launch pad for our video platform which allowed partners to expand their brand presence.

“like a Pinterest magazine... but tailored to you”


* I didn’t produce this spot, but consulted on the direction with our Brand team

Skin Tone Filters 

I’m particularly excited about helping launch Skin tone filters because it helps people of different ethnicities feel inclusive in narrowing beauty results by skin tone range. As Pinterest continues to grow globally it’s more important than ever to cater to their diverse user base. There is still a ton of work to be done but it’s really exciting to see some of the early results.

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*Screenshots below are of working product